Within the SADC region the MESA initiative is implemented by Botswana Department of Meteorological Services (BDMS) and SADC Climate Services Centre (SADC-CSC) in partnership with five (5) regional strategic co-beneficiary partner organisations (Agriculture Research Council, Botswana College of Agriculture, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Meraka Institute, Polytechnic of Namibia, and University of Zimbabwe under a thematic action grant contract with the African Union Commission. The implementation period is for 36 months, starting on 1 September 2013. The action aims to develop and operate four (4) main monitoring services, covering Agriculture, Drought, Flood and Wildfire in the region.


The Agricultural Service will monitor the state of the crops and rangeland and provide a yield-outlook.

The Drought Service will monitor drought during the whole year and deliver a decadal “Drought map” and a “Drought Outlook” in support of both agriculture and environmental issues.

The Wildfire Service will provide a daily Wildfire risk indication (before the fire), continuous active Wildfire maps (in real time during the Wildfire season, refreshed every 15 minutes) and monthly burnt area assessments (after the Wildfire).

The Flood Service will provide a flood risk indication and a flash flood forecast (before the floods), flood modelling (during the event of floods) and flood damage assessments (after the floods).

With these services MESA covers the four top hot topics in Southern Africa, which are agriculture, drought, wildfire and floods. The MESA programme will provide necessary infrastructure, but the emphasis of the project (60%) is foreseen for user related activities such as strengthening regional and national Policy Frameworks, for building Earth Observation (EO) user capacity in SADC Member States and for improving the access to EO data.

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